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(UGA) Feenox

We should all be more like this guy.

Best strategist

(UGA) Josh

Always down to play an RTS.


Best Aimer

(UGA) ifan

Big aim, little brain. Can’t have it all.

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(UGA) Kojak

Founder and Chief

(UGA) Guttorm




(UGA) Crow


(UGA) Nidaime


(UGA) Syn

Technical Guy

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What are we about?

Welcome to the United Gamers Alliance Group. We hope you enjoy our website and servers. The groups purpose is to provide every member with an efficient, friendly way to play games without the hassle of public server players and for people to socialise and overall have a good time with friends.

Skill? How about fun!

We are a group which does not judge players by skill, anyone can become part of (UGA), as long as they respect the rules to the (UGA) group.



We care about the players attitude and want people who are level headed players who can respect the other Gamers within the group. We are all here to have some fun with some good people and the end of the day.

Age Check

We provide a Boomer safe place, all members will need to be 16 years old or over. This ensures an expected level of maturity exists amongst the group – as well as combats frustrations which may arise due to emotional edge lords.


We expect ALL members of the (UGA) group to use the (UGA) tag in front of their name at all times in steam, if you wish to take off your tags please ask an Admin or an Officer. Stand up and represent proudly.



We have a zero tolerance policy on cheating / hacking. All our members agree to this and ensure our games are fun and fair. Game in confidence and peace of mind.


Look forward to seeing you in-game!

Any problems, get in touch with an admin or officer